Here are some of our favorite things.
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Our favorite piece of under engineering
BMWs vacuum boost pump. It is inaccessible. When it's seals eventually leak, the brake booster fills with oil and the brakes fail. Good idea, Ollie!

Our favorite piece of over engineering
BMWs Valvetronic variable valve lift. OY!

Our Favorite Phone Mount
Industrial quality, Military grade mounts for every application.

Our Favorite way to prolong brake life.
Cletus' Rotor Wax!

Our Favorite YouTube video

Our Favorite Cayman Accessory
A true work of art which frees the exhaust, increases power, and produces a wonderful sound. Perfect fit and finish. Easy installation. Billy Boat Exhaust: Highly recommended.

Our Favorite European License Tag
Who thinks these things up?

Our Favorite Aftermarket Performance Accessory
Cross Drilled Brake Lines. A perfect complement to cross drilled rotors. Available exclusively at

Our Favorite Artist
Guy Ottewell, author of many books including 'The Astronomical Companion', compiles the annual "Astronomical Calendar" and Illustrates the cover. View his art and other projects at:

Our Favorite Harley
Tim Whiting's "Captain America" fabricated by our friend and neighbor Todd Fitzgerald at Greenville Chopper Works.

Our Favorite Chick-Filly
Rorry Allebaugh (age 7). Favorite Restaurant, located on 33East in Harrisonburg Va.

Our Favorite Makeshift Repair
If Duct Tape don't hold......Use fishin' line

Our Favorite Helicopter Pilot
Tommy demonstrating his remarkable skill. Just before the crash. Unfortunately, both little plastic people were killed.

Our Favorite Laundress
After turning Geneva on it's ear, our financial maven is now laundering Union money.

Our Favorite way to prolong engine life....
High temperature valve covers. These are made of Litotese. This is not not a joke.

Our Favorite 911 Pilot
Maj. Grey Lowry, USAF, call sign 'ZANE', was killed in 1995 at age 36 by a design flaw in his F-15. His wife, Margret, keeps his '81 911 as a memento of his intrepid life.

Our Favorite Forger
Our friend Gerald Boggs, a metal magician, fabricates fantastic forms forgically.

Our Favorite License Plate
Best if viewed in a rear view mirror.

Our Favorite Comedienne
"I believe in UFOs. They came here, saw how screwed up we are, and radioed back: "Don't even stop there for gas." >> Kathleen Madigan

Our Favorite Personal Aircraft
The world's smallest helicopter has four 10 HP 125cc engines and fixed pitch counter rotating blades. Conceived and developed by Mr. Gennai Yanagisawa, it is built in Nagano, Japan. Cleverly and elegantly designed; but the pilot must have large, and lightweight, cojones.

Our Favorite Film...
'The Passion of Joan of Arc' (1928) directed by Carl Dreyer, who wrote it using the original trial transcripts. The film examines her conviction by a misguided French Bishop. While silent, it is accompanied by a dramatic score written specifically for the film. Joan, played by Renee Falconetti, in harsh light and with no makeup, is spectacular. Some critics think this is the best film ever made. Available on Netflix.

Our Favorite Home
The Kaufmann House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, who sketched the design in a panic when he learned Mr. Kaufmann was coming to see how the plan was progressing. Of all Wright's masterpieces, this is arguably the most wonderful. The home is open to the public; the website '' is well done.

Our Favorite Website .....Requires a high speed connection to download a charming animation by Russian artist Vladimir Gvozdev. Then visit the rest of the site. Amazing.

Our Favorite Sculpture
Presented to the US by the people of Russia, and dedicated on 9/11/06 by 'Pooty Poot,' the monument overlooks the World Trade Center site from Bayonne NJ where it is visible to all who enter the harbor. The central teardrop is cooled so moisture condenses on it and drips down like tears. The names of all who died on 9/11 are engraved around the base of the 100 ft high memorial.

Our Favorite Car of All Time
Ralph Lauren's 1961 Ferrari Testa Rossa Fantuzzi Spyder. Cost 8 Million. Now worth probably 20 Million.

Our Favorite Hat
On Pete's pal Max.

Our Favorite Stick-On Car Badge
The Flying Spaghetti Monster. His Noodly Appendages are everywhere. September 19th is dress and talk like a pirate day. Yaar.

Our Favorite Police Cruiser
OK it's Photoshopped, but we still think our 12 cylinder BMW 850 would be the perfect pursuit vehicle.

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