New larger bore pistons

Showing the Intermediate Shaft (top) which will receive new bearing (because the factory bearings fail). New pistons will be required because of the increased bore in the rebuilt block.

New IMS bearing (in baggie)

The crack is visible in the center cylinder. New sleeves will be installed by LN Engineering (q.v.) increasing the displacement from 3.4 to 3.8 Liters.

The infamous 'D chunk' which occurred at 19k miles. This is due to a manufacturing defect which Porsche refuses to acknowledge. Because the damage was so common, replacement engines are no longer available. Rebuild is the only solution.

Rebuilt engine case with Nikasil liners and plating by Millennium Technologies.

M97 engine prior to disassembly

M 97 engine after disassembly

New half block as it arrived from machinning.

Stage 3 Race/Street clutch, Aluminum flywheel, and Michelin Pilot Supersports 365/35 ZR 19 and 335/35 ZR 19.

Ring sized perfectly to cylinder

Piston with rings going into cylinder

Rebuilt engine ready to install: Now 3.8 Liters

Head rebuilt and ready to install

Cams in place

Wrist pin and snap ring must be inserted from the end of the block using special tools.

New studs in place ready to receive the rebuilt head.

Our first mod was a Porsche short-throw shifter. Next was Billy Boat Headers/Mufflers.

We reprogrammed the ECU with Softronic from Vivid Racing. Then we added a GT3 throttle body and IPD Plenum.

Porsche Carbon Ceramic Brakes. Bilstein coil-overs lower the suspension 1.5 inches.

Rear Bilsteins support a Porsche Limited Slip Differential.

For race cooling, we added a center radiator and protective grilles from Racemesh.